Wedding and Elopement

Wedding and Elopement

We photograph what is true, unposed and pure. Like human interactions. Like the beauty of the landscapes and cityscapes around you. Then we do our little magic. Reflecting on it, the magic is already present. We just give it a little push in the right direction.

We want to connect with people who are sensitive to art, life and the uniqueness of things. We surround ourselves with those who take the time to live every second fully, too well aware that life passes by us way too quickly.

We feel privileged to share this day with you. To be able capture it with our two different mindset. This is the essence of our name. A dyad is the meeting of two ideas that complement each other. Ours as yours.

We will be present to advise you on the planning of your day, we will be there in all these moments that you will live in privacy, we will be there to share laughters and also when you need to be handed a handkerchief.

We believed that it is more important to click with people than on the shutter. Having confidence in us on this special day will allow you to live these moments fully.

Your trust in us will allow us to capture the truest and most beautiful you.


As wedding photographers, our work goes far beyond taking stunning photos. Do not get us wrong, photography is an important part of it, but we do a lot of other things to help you make your day a memorable one (location tracking, planning tips, logistics and more).

We have learned to work with couples in all kinds of natural and urban landscapes (and weather conditions), from shady forests, to wind-swept strikes to industrial buildings. It is often said that Mother Nature is the artist and we like to work with her changing mood.

You may be nervous or hesitant in front of a camera, but be aware that we will make sure you have fun. So much that you will forget that we are there. You will be given directions to help you be natural in front of the camera without posing.

Like you, we are attached to true emotion.


We have traveled a lot in Quebec and elsewhere and, over the years, we have perfected the art of discovering treasures of landscapes off the beaten track. In town or in the countryside, we love to magnify the places around us.

Does that make Dyade? This is a question that we often ask ourselves when we scout to find a place that seems to us a perfect setting to tell your love story.

We will go out of our way to find the perfect place for your first look or your couple photos during this special day.



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